Permissions and why we need them?

1. Allow display over other apps

From the Android 10 (also known as Android Q), it introduced a new internal constraint to prevent the app screen from appearing on the lock screen. The constraint causes some problems; for instance, the window for completing missions does not appear when an alarm starts ringing.

Thus, DididApp has to request the “Display over apps” permission to resolve the issues from v4.13.0.

This permission is very important to use DididApp properly in Android.

2.Allow DididApp to take pictures and record video

That you can use your own videos & Photos to wakeup or remind. DididApp allows you to click image and record video for alarm and to access that this permission is required

3.Allow DididApp to access photos,media and files on your device

DididApp has a feature to select photo and video from device. You can select custom image and video for alarm and to access that this permission is required.

4.Allow DididApp to record audio

DididApp allows to record audio and use it to set alarm. To access that this permission is required

5.Allow display pop-up windows while running in the background

This permission is required to display alarm/reminder window over other apps when the condition is met(time set for alarm).

6. Let app always run in background?

When the alarm/reminder triggers on the specified time, it have to run a service in background which decides and sends flag for the scheduled and current time.

Based on that, the alarm/reminder gets triggered and the play screens comes on the screen. Therefore, app comes in foreground from the background.

7.Allow DididApp to access your contacts

For google login, when user tries to login using google, we need to fetch the logged accounts list in current device.

And for that we use this permission in our app. “android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS”.

Therefore, when in app this permission is asked, the contacts permission automatically gets asks.

GET_ACCOUNTS and Contact permission are in the same permission group and so it is required.So Contacts will always be asked in the app and we cannot remove it.

9.Enable auto Start from setting

This permission is required to auto start the app from background in higher android versions. We have to ask for this permission in higher android versions